about us

Our Team

We like to travel ourselves, are often on the road and can proudly call ourselves holidaymakers. This is precisely why we can put ourselves in a good position in our guests and also understand their point of view. We are a young, highly motivated and very committed team. Listening to the guest and improving ourselves is an essential part of us.

Our Service

It is very important to us to make the stay of our guests as special and pleasant as possible. Of course, there are limits to our abilities, which is why we can’t conjure up snow on request, or tell the clouds not to block the sun’s view. Our strengths are therefore essentially as the friendliness, helpfulness, accessibility and the guest in situations to come to meet, in order to make his stay not heavier but easier and more pleasant.

Our holiday Home

The jewels of the Alps, as we like to call them, are passionate projects of ours. Why projects, you ask yourself? Because we never stop improving them, bringing in more modernity or adding new objects. We always want to keep our finger on the pulse to meet the current needs of our guests.